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交易方式 Payments

After choosing the products, please fill in the following information and send to our Whatsapp📝
Phone No.:
Goods & Quantity:

Payment method: FPS / Payme / Bank Transfer
Shipping method: SF Express (Self-pay) / Pick up in Wan Chai office
Shipping address:


1. Once the order is confirmed, we will not accept any refund.
2. All orders need to be paid in full.
3. After depositing, please upload the receipt or online transfer certificate (the account, silver code, date and time must be clearly displayed), and keep your deposit paper or online transfer certificate well.

Beauty N the BeeZ reserves the right to check the original deposit paper or online transfer certificate. Failure to provide relevant proof will not allow to pick up the goods.
4. Any shipping issues, such as lost, stolen, delayed, our store will not be responsible, but we will help contact the courier company to obtain any compensation.
5. In case of any dispute, Beauty N the BeeZ reserves the right of final decision.

Bank Tranfer

Chin Kxxx Sxx



Phone number: 67052630


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